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Leapin Liopropoma ! Captive Bred Even!

I love this for two reasons –

1) Teasing out details of another fish’s larval and juvenile development phases, even if in captivity, is a great addition to our body of knowledge.

2) Captive bred Candy Bass for the aquarium industry! Anytime another fish is added to the ranks of captive bred for the aquarium industry it’s a big plus for breeders, aquarium enthusiasts and conservation.

This is a great effort and success from Todd Gardner at the Long Island Aquarium to get at least one (and hopefully nearly a dozen) Liopropoma sp. larvae to the settlement. Congratulations!

I absolutely love the high-flying dorsal extensions on these larvae. I’m sure that it caused Todd no end of problems, but it is magnificent!

YouTube Preview Image
Candy Basslet Larvae

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