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Larval forms diverse and beautiful!

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Behind the Scenes

Just some administrative notes.

I wanted to document for myself and other some of the tools I use in creating this site. I need to do this for Eclectic Echoes as well, but that site has been around for quite some time, and I just don’t have the time for such a task over there now. Maybe someday. Here though, I am starting clean, so I will try and get ahead and stay on top of the colophon as I develop the site. You will find the Colophon link at the top of the page above the zoea image and the site header.

I also need to give credit to the photographers whose images I use in the rotating header for this site. The colophon is the perfect place to do this. Right now there are 7 images in the rotation. Two are mine, the rest come from other photographers on Flickr.

I have set up a poll in a separate posting where you can vote on your 3 favorite banner images as well.

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